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Arthur Pue

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Here’s A Sample Of The Feedback We’ve Received:

Daniel LaFar

Alan Staten

Joe Davant

Arthur Pue

"Renaissance Executive Forum has helped me better manage and lead my business. I have taken full advantage of my peers’ business experience and have tapped into the skills and expertise of the consultants who have instructed the Group on a variety of important business subjects. David Hurwitt’s keen management insights and our group’s open dialogue and creative problem-solving have enabled me to better meet my company’s challenges and opportunities."
Kristin Gibson

"The group offers insight and guidance on a broad range of issues and I have the ability to offer advice and guidance as well. The aspect of this board that appeals to me the most is the factor of accountability. As President of my privately held company, I really have no one to answer to if key decisions get put off. In my group, I have members who will hold me accountable for the key decisions I bring to them. This encourages me to take the actions necessary to resolve conflict or create opportunities."
Gary Schloss

"My Renaissance membership is unquestionably the most significant tool I have used to manage the rapid growth of Juliska’s business, which has more than tripled in the 2 ˝ years since I joined. The members of our forum have become my de-facto business advisers. We have a unique atmosphere of support, candor, and expertise that can only come from like minded entrepreneurs who, despite totally different businesses, understand what it takes to succeed."
David Gooding

"When I joined the Renaissance Group my only hesitation was allocating a half a day a month to something not immediately related to my business, and at the time an unknown. In retrospect the time and financial investment has paid off handsomely. Implementation of the structure and organizational ideas gleaned from the presentations and the round table discussions have resulted in efficiencies and improvements that far exceed the few hours invested in the meetings. My satisfaction level is very high with David and the Renaissance Forum.”"
Tad Acker

"The discipline and skills I have acquired from my Forum have made me much more effective in running my rapidly growing business. I don’t have personal experience with many of the subjects we deal with, so the outside speakers have given me access to experts in fields that were necessary to developing and scaling my business. David has done a fantastic job in putting together a group of impressive, high powered leaders, and keeping the group focused on the success of each business. IT Technology has grown 40% since I joined a year ago, and the Forum is a principle reason for our progress."
David Lee